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Keep Cascadia green

At Cascadia Gardens we have a unique approach to production which allows our cultivars to express their characteristics in the purest form. We strive to mimic the plant’s natural ecosystem by giving them access to the resources and conditions the’ve evolved in. This approach results in happy, healthy plants that exceed organic standards.

current STRAINS


hybrid strains

indica hybrid strains


Lemon Tree x Dosidos

We searched “high” and low for the best lemon-style cultivar we could find - and this one checks off all the boxes. Bursting with citrusy, lemony zest - this slightly sativa-leaning hybrid is a knockout! The lemon profile pours out of the sticky, dense buds and provides a tantalizingly euphoric experience that stimulates the mind and provides that mountain-climbing motivation we need to get ourselves up and go! 


Indica hybrid
lineage: Gelato x Gelato

This perfectly structured powerhouse of a strain is an absolute legend in the making. A cross between two Gelato phenos that are legendary in their own right, this cross absolutely crushes from a profile & and high standpoint. This cut gives off that gassy, sweet Gelato vibe with hints of cookies and cake strains that come together in a tantalizing profile that is sure to set off every sense you have. Coated in trichomes, it’s light green, soft textured structure makes for the perfect smoking flower - whether you’re rolling up a j or you are packing a bowl. 

The Candy

Indica hybrid
lineage: unknown

Another classic Cascadia cultivar, this unknown genetic oozes such great, green goodness and is closely compared to the powerhouse strain of Cinex. It’s spicy and sweet in all the right ways, and has one of the most complex and unique profiles that we grow today. Not only a looker, this cultivar has a serious punch packed for your mind. The Candy leans more towards the indica realm, so be prepared to relax and zone out. 


Indica hybrid
lineage: Triangle Kush x Animal Mints

This gassy goodness of ganja became a legend on the scene pretty quickly. A powerhouse blend of two stand outs, this popular flower screams that gassy, tangy, rich flavor profile that so many seek. The smooth, calming vibes ease the mind and create a relaxing, joyful experience for the consumer. Perfect for a calm day at home or a movie night with some friends, this one isn’t to be looked over on the shelves.

indica strains

Apocalypse OG

lineage: OG Kush x ShapeShifter

This couch-locking “end of days “crazy train is an unbelievably powerful indica that is sure to make you take a seat and have you forgetting where you put things. Dense, purpley-toned, dank buds spewing a sweet and gassy profile like you wouldn’t believe. Don’t underestimate this one - it has some really strong indica vibes that never let you down.

Black Mamba

Granddaddy Purp x Black Domina

Watch out for this snake's bite - it will absolutely floor you, no cap. A cross of two legendary phenos, this potent indica flower is known for its heavy hitting feels and its frosty visual appeal. With a light, almond and vanilla profile - this impressively powerful pheno lives up to its name and will have you baffled by its power. Don't plan on doing much after this one hits.

Purple Pie

lineage: GSC x Ninja Fruit

One of our most popular phenos around the shop - this trichome-covered chronic is out of this world! It throws off a gassy, purple & grape profile that you can smell from a mile away. Colorful, grape smelling buds wrapped in frost that hits the exact spot you needed it to. We always sell out of this one so quickly, and once you see it and smoke it - you'll know why.

sativa hybrid strains

Mandarin Monster

sativa hybrid
Alien Orange Cookies x Mandarin Dragon

Packed with citrusy dankness, this strain serves up a divine cerebral experience! She oozes a mandarin-like terpene profile engulfed in sweet, gassy greatness - and is sure to be a favorite on your list. Her light green and fluffy looks are tantalizing and intriguing to say the least, and once you open that bag? You won't stop shoving your nose in for that profile, trust us.


sativa hybrid
lineage: Trainwreck x Orange Durban

One of the newest additions to the Cascadia cultivar list, this strain came from two behemoths of parents and screams all the good parts of each! Boasting that true Trainwreck profile with a spicy sweetness that is influenced heavily by the Orange Durban. Caked in trichomes, the light green nugs are bright and eye catching. This one truly doesn’t lack in looks, that’s for sure.  This beauty is perfect for those long party nights, game nights with your besties, or finally breaking out that piece of art you wanted to finish. 

sativa strains

Green crack

lineage: Skunk 1 x Unknown

A classic, well-known legacy strain that smells like sour apple candy and has hints of citrus along with it. It's an incredibly powerful sativa and is great for getting things done, focusing on long projects or inspiring your creativity for the day.

Permafrost OG

lineage: OG Kush x Permafrost

This sativa hybrid brings two powerhouses together (OG Kush and Permafrost) and is an incredibly flavorful and sharp feeling strain. The classic Permafrost flavor truly stands out in this pheno, and for a sativa - it doesn't leave you feeling anxious or spent in either direction. It provides a balanced, enjoyable "summertime" type vibe that has an unbelievably sweet flavor profile and a motivational high that gets you going.

The GrapeFruit

lineage: Cinderella 99 Pheno

A true Cascadia classic - this wondrous cultivar has been a backbone strain of Cascadia since our inception. There is no name that rings more true than this one. It smells exactly like a juicy, sweet grapefruit and is one of the more potent sativas we grow. Looking to take a walk? Need some inspiration? This is a great go-to.

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