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Cascadia Gardens Needs Your Vote in the Dockside Cup!

High, Cascadians!

My name is David Scheibner, and I am one of the owners and CEO of Cascadia Gardens. We are a producer/processor in the i502 market in WA State, and you've signed up to follow our brand on our website - and right now we need your help!!!

We are currently in a contest for "Best Bud" in the Dockside Cup, a contest between brands for best flower in town - and we are so close to pulling in the trophy! Right now, we are behind a pretty enormous company and we want to show them everything that Cascadia is made of. To do so, we could really use your help.

The strain up for the crown? Our most popular flower of course - The Jack. This sativa hybrid is the absolute BEAST around Cascadia and couldn't be more representative of our wonderful world of canna-love - A citrusy, sweet, and powerful cultivar loved by so many of you! We need your help in getting this amazing bud some glory. it is so deserved!

You can vote over at - We are in the Final Four against some pretty hefty competition, so help us take home the TROPHY!!! Voting ends tonight at 11PM Pacific Standard Time, so you got to hurry!

We appreciate each and every one of you for your interest and support of our brand, thank you for considering us and helping us try to bring home some gold.

many thanks, and happy highs!

-David S.

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