THE BEAR OG • Indica Hybrid

(Bear Creek X OG Kush)

One of our signature in-house strains, THE BEAR OG truly packs a punch in almost every category - Drenched in that classically true OG aroma, these northwestern indica-dominant buds will leave you in tranquility and relaxation! With multiple lots testing over 31% total THC - she never disappoints! Rich in a-Pinene and Camphene, the citrus-like spice truly exemplifies the Northwest, keeping your mind close to home as you soar!

Common Testing: 24%-30% THC


THE JACK • Sativa Hybrid

(Jack Herer Pheno)

This Jack Herer pheno is one above the rest - a well balanced hybrid packed with potency, flavor and terpenes, this flower is sure to leave you creatively inspired and ready to take on the day - a mood like no other cannabis can give! The terpene profile is utterly unreal, with more spice & citrus than your local grocery store. Straight Up.

Common Testing: 20%-28% THC


THE GRAPEFRUIT • Sativa Hybrid

There really is no better like-sounding name in the game. When this aroma hits your pallet it is almost as if you were harvesting the grapefruits yourself - strong citrus tones with a flavor that brings you into bliss! This sativa style hybrid is a fan favorite, as well as one of our most treasured cuts around the facility. This beauty has been with us for over 6 years, refining terpenes every day of her existence. Truly a step ahead of the competition's - this is The GrapeFruit to grab!

Common Testing: 20%-27% THC


THE CANDY • Indica Hybrid

This 50/50 hybrid is packed full of those terps that made you double wrap your old stash back in the day - the smell of this outrageously dank flower will bring you back. The cinex-style flavors blend well with the perfect hybridization of a high - relaxing, creatively inspiring and brings on the giggles like no other!

Common Testing: 20%-24% THC



(Banana Kush X Strawberry Bubble Gum)

This Indica Dominant Hybrid is nearly unbeatable in all categories: look, smell and effect. This pheno throws smoothie smells around like it’s nothing, one of the most unique and complex terpene profiles we have ever come across. It’s dominating scent is only matched by its supreme beauty, drenched in trichomes and begging to be smoked! It is a perfectly matched indica for those looking to shut down and relax after a hard day!



(Girl Scout Cookies X Pink Panties)

Coming from the Girl Scout Cookies lineage, this phenotype just does not stop! Dark, purple tones ride over the OG structure perfectly, with the tight structure providing perfect density that you look for in the cookies cuts. Flavors stand out profusely, with a strong undertone of GSC and the sweetness of the Pink Panties chiming in perfectly. A ten in all categories, this cut sure doesn’t disappoint.

Common Testing:   THC



(Grand Daddy Purple X Trainwreck)

PTW is a true powerhouse that combines some legendary strains, Grand Daddy Purple and Trainwreck. The citrus and lemon scent of the Trainwreck is met perfectly by the berry undertones from the GDP, creating a sweet, pungent terpene profile that truly stands out. The bud structure holds nicely, and are a beautiful rich purple and green when finished. PTW provides a great indica-balanced high that helps unwind after a long week.

Common Testing:   THC


BLUNIVERSE • Indica Hybrid

Description coming soon!

Common Testing:   THC


LEMON OG • Indica Hybrid

Description coming soon!

Common Testing:   THC



Description coming soon!

Common Testing:   THC


DIRTY GIRL • Indica Hybrid

This hybrid is commonly mistaken by strain websites of its lineage, but we have been growing this strain in the medical market for many years. This is a true hybrid of hybrids, with tones of chocolate, oranges and packed with a punch! This is one of our favorites around the shop, and it’s effects will leave you craving for more.

Common Testing:   THC


Bellingham, WA


We are an Initiative 502 Compliant company in the recreational cannabis industry in WA State. 

This product has intoxicating effects and may be habit forming. Marijuana can impair concentration, coordination and judgement. Do not operate a vehicle or machinery under the influence of this drug. There may be health risks associated with consumption of these products. Products used to naturally control pests may include Heat-killed Burkholderia spp. strain A396 cells and spent fermentation media, Reynoutria sachalinensis, Isaria fumosorosea Apopka Strain 97, Bacillus Thuringiensis Israelensis,  For use by adults twenty-one and over. Not valid outside Washington State. KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN. 

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